Volume 21

  • G. Harrigan, V. Goyal, P. Babuska, N. Trepal
    RIDNAIC (2021). Vol. 21, 21

    Structural and forensic analysis concluded that the Arecibo Observatory M4N socket joint failure in August 2020 was due to a socket joint design with insufficient design criteria [...]

  • RIDNAIC (2021). Vol. 21, 22

    A quantitative risk analysis is presented for a gas pipeline system in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. This is a part of a project on the vulnerability of infrastructure [...]

  • L. Suarez, J. López, J. Cruzado
    RIDNAIC (2021). Vol. 21, 23

    The most recent update of the Seismic Hazard Map of Puerto Rico was carried out in 2003 when the first active seismic fault within the island, in the Cabo Rojo area, was considered. [...]

  • L. Daza, A. Grillasca, G. Ortiz
    RIDNAIC (2021). Vol. 21, 24

    The Synthetic Lightweight Aggregates (SLA) is a patented aggregate composed of fly ash and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is considered as an eco-friendly material because [...]

  • E. Irizarry-Brugman, D. Bayouth-García, K. Hughes
    RIDNAIC (2021). Vol. 21, 25

    Hurricane María was an extreme atmospheric event that impacted Puerto Rico in 2017. As a result of the passage of hurricane María over the island more than 70,000 [...]

  • RIDNAIC (2021). Vol. 21, 26

    Synthetic strong motion records for the 1991, Mw 7.6, Limón, Cosa Rica earthquake were computed for several hundred different source models. The rotd50 (response spectra) [...]

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