Volume 23

  • A. Giudici, N. Wechselberg, J. Stuardi, G.
    RIDNAIC (2023). Vol. 23, 1

    Elbows are components in piping systems whose primary function is to achieve a change in flow direction. Their study is relevant, since they present higher stress levels than [...]

  • C. Chang, T. Salinas-Gamero, M. Vélez-Canchanya, G. Tejada-Salinas
    RIDNAIC (2023). Vol. 23, 2

    Cities have become much more complex, and public agencies are facing increasing challenges to provide efficient and inclusive services to the community. Cities are highly [...]

  • R. Romero-Ramírez, M. Arroyo-Caraballo
    RIDNAIC (2023). Vol. 23, 3

    The Puerto Rico Soil Engineering Office (OIS) was founded in 1975 and is currently under the Design Area of ​​the Highway and Transportation Authority (ACT). In its foundation, [...]

  • C. Cordero-Macías, L. Mendoza-Mendoza
    RIDNAIC (2023). Vol. 23, 4

    The use of steel poles as support structures for lines in Mexico has increased in the last 30 years, mainly due to the increase in urban and suburban sprawl that demand less [...]

  • A. Cruz-Chamorro, A. Vidot-Vega
    RIDNAIC (2023). Vol. 23, 5

    This article evaluates how the seismic pressures developed in embedded walls are affected by different wall stiffness and various contact soil-wall conditions. Several two-dimensional [...]

  • RIDNAIC (2023). Vol. 23, 6

    Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are imperative now, in view of the resulting effects of climate change and man-made alterations in coastal areas. The perspective to address coastal [...]

  • A. Figueroa-Medina, D. Valdés-Díaz, N. Cardona-Rodríguez, A. Chamorro-Parejo
    RIDNAIC (2023). Vol. 23, 7

    The increase in crash-related pedestrian fatalities, primarily in urban streets, has promoted the development of technological innovations to mitigate this global problem. [...]

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