• S. Huanca, R. Trespalacios, Z. Acevedo, D. Alizo, A. Nieves, C. Isaza, M. Ríos
    RIDNAIC (2022). Vol. VOLUME 22, 1

    In December 2019, Puerto Rico experienced an increment in seismic activity, especially in the South and Southwestern regions of the island. The hundreds of buildings and homes [...]

  • S. Hoon, C. Huerta-López, A. García-Gastélum
    RIDNAIC (2022). Vol. VOLUME 22, 2

    The analytical and experimental seismic response of La Mission Bridge, and the site sub-surface characterization on its neighborhood is presented in this paper. SAP 2000 (Structural [...]

  • J. Xavier, W. Junior
    RIDNAIC (2022). Vol. VOLUME 22, 3

    The scientific literature on events involving the loss of containment of hazardous materials due to a natural event (known as na-tech events) is recent and limited in Brazil. [...]

  • G. Pacheco-Crosetti, O. Collazos-Ordóñez, V. Rodríguez, J. Vázquez
    RIDNAIC (2022). Vol. VOLUME 22, 4

    The archipelago of Puerto Rico is a region of high danger to tsunamis (ATC, 2019). Recognizing that the school population in Puerto Rico is around 600,000 people (including [...]

  • F. Martínez, G. Flintsch
    RIDNAIC (2022). Vol. VOLUME 22, 5

    Road administrators encounter situations where they must make decisions regarding the maintenance and rehabilitation of a road network without knowing the outcome of those [...]

  • A. Aiash, F. Robusté
    RIDNAIC (2022). Vol. VOLUME 22, 6

    Barcelona (Spain) had a total population of 1,636,762 in 2019 that are distributed on 10 districts across the city. These districts have different characteristics in size [...]

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