• F. Syed, S. Khan, M. Toma
    J. of Dawn. R. (2024). Vol. 6, 1

    The "Q-Collar" is a device designed to mitigate head injuries, particularly in scenarios such as contact sports and military operations where trauma to the head [...]

  • J. of Dawn. R. (2024). Vol. 6, 2

    The current scientific understanding of adolescent depression is incomplete, requiring further research and attention. This review of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors [...]

  • M. Melika, S. Huang, T. Boumakis, J. Zhu, L. Wang
    J. of Dawn. R. (2024). Vol. 6, 3

    This experiment investigated how the sound of stream water affects the growth of ''Cucumis sativus'' plants under drought stress. Plants can recognize vibrations [...]

  • J. of Dawn. R. (2024). Vol. 6, 4

    '''This thesis studied the definition of a green building and the elements associated with the construction of sustainability. There are many rating systems available [...]

  • E. Zhao, A. Huenger
    J. of Dawn. R. (2024). Vol. 6, 5

    Eutrophication affects 65% of coastal and 53% of freshwater regions in the US but no scalable cyanobacterial degradation methods exist. Piezocatalysis harnesses mechanical [...]

  • S. Huang, M. Melika, T. Gao, L. Wang, J. Cohen
    J. of Dawn. R. (2024). Vol. 6, 6

    Previous studies show that plants can recognize and respond to different sounds, such as insect-chewing and running water. Prior research demonstrated that plants can learn [...]




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