• J. Lin, D. Brogna, O. Chaudhry, J. Cohen
    J. of Dawn. R. (2023). Vol. 5, 1

    The effect of Astragalus membranaceus on Caenorhabditis elegans was assessed in this experiment. Parkinson’s Disease directly causes dopamine depletion and other related [...]

  • M. Gupta, W. Wesson, A. Huenger
    J. of Dawn. R. (2023). Vol. 5, 2

    There exists a great demand to utilize renewable energy sources instead of burning fossil fuels. Currently, power conversion efficiency of domestic solar cells is 23.6%, and [...]

  • B. Kim, N. Spinelli
    J. of Dawn. R. (2023). Vol. 5, 3

    Multiple myeloma (MM) is a clonal cell cancer characterized by excessive cell division of plasma cells in the bone marrow, which can then overcrowd healthy cells. As a result, [...]

  • J. Voelker, Z. Rho, A. Huenger, J. Nelson
    J. of Dawn. R. (2023). Vol. 5, 4

    Increases in the world’s population and subsequent urbanization has driven consumption levels of building materials higher. In order to meet this need, and maintain [...]

  • Z. Rho, W. Wesson, A. Huenger
    J. of Dawn. R. (2023). Vol. 5, 5

    In today’s world, the rate of urbanization is increasingly getting faster and faster. Large cities that are heavily populated produce noise that is not only harmful [...]

  • J. of Dawn. R. (2023). Vol. 5, 6

    Greater focus on sustainability across numerous industries has led to an uptick in the demand for increasingly environmentally-friendly materials. Biochar has recently come [...]

  • A. Wolfson, R. Kumar, N. Ma, J. Cohen
    J. of Dawn. R. (2023). Vol. 5, 7

    Clove oil, Eugenia caryophyllata, has been implemented as home therapeutic medicine for its anesthetic effects. The active ingredient, eugenol inhibits voltage gated sodium [...]



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