• M. E., C. A., C. B.M., A. Calvi
    Collection of Engineering (2024). 3

    We present a framework to investigate progressive collapse and robustness of 2D framed structures, subjected to multiple column removals. Progressive collapse is first simulated [...]

  • Collection of Engineering (2024). 2

    Structural analysis is conducted by the displacement method for evaluation of the stress-strain state induced by static loads. The analysis is conducted by the modal analysis [...]

  • Collection of Engineering (2024). 1

    In the manufacturing process of razor blades, the presence of surface defects directly impacts their quality and lifespan. Manual detection of these defects is not only inefficient [...]

  • J. Torres-Carbonell, . arqueólogo
    Collection of Engineering (2022). 1

  • R. Flores, M. Burhani, E. Fantino
    Alexandria Engineering Journal (2021). Alexandria Engineering Journal (2021) 60, 2661–2676

    Fast and precise propagation of satellite orbits is required for mission design, orbit determination and payload data analysis. We present a method to improve the computational [...]

  • S. Proietti, R. Flores, M. Pontani
    Acta Astronautica (2020). AA 8423

    In nominal mission scenarios, geostationary satellites perform end-of-life orbit maneuvers to reach suitable disposal orbits, where they do not interfere with operational [...]

  • D. Sangra`, R. Flores
    Alexandria Engineering Journal (2020).

    The Tisserand graph (TG) is a graphical tool commonly employed in the preliminary design of gravity-assisted trajectories. The TG is a two-dimensional map showing essential [...]

  • Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics (2020). 43(4): 729-740

    Orbit insertion at Saturn requires a large impulsive manoeuver due to the velocity difference between the spacecraft and the planet. This paper presents a strategy to [...]

  • Z. Zhong, R. Reddy
    Engineering (2016).

  • M. Zheng, J. Yan, S. Jun, L. Tian, X. Wang, Z. Qiu
    Engineering (2016). Vol. 2

    The pressurized water reactor CAP1400 is one of the sixteen National Science and Technology Major Projects. Developed from Chinas nuclear R&D system and manufacturing capability, [...]

  • Z. Zhang, Y. Dong, F. Li, Z. Zhang, H. Wang, X. Huang, H. Li, B. Liu, X. Wu, H. Wang, X. Diao, H. Zhang, J. Wang
    Engineering (2016). Vol. 2

    After the first concrete was poured on December 9, 2012 at the Shidao Bay site in Rongcheng, Shandong Province, China, the construction of the reactor building for the worlds [...]

  • Y. Wen
    Engineering (2016). Vol. 2

  • Y. Qian
    Engineering (2016). Vol. 2

  • Y. Wu
    Engineering (2016). Vol. 2

    In 2011, the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched an engineering project to develop an accelerator-driven subcritical system (ADS) for nuclear waste transmutation. The China [...]

  • X. Kuangdi
    Engineering (2016). Vol. 2

  • J. Xing, D. Song, Y. Wu
    Engineering (2016). Vol. 2

    HPR1000 is an advanced nuclear power plant (NPP) with the significant feature of an active and passive safety design philosophy, developed by the China National Nuclear Corporation. [...]


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