• Z. Zhong, R. Reddy

  • M. Zheng, J. Yan, S. Jun, L. Tian, X. Wang, Z. Qiu
    (2016). Vol. 2

    The pressurized water reactor CAP1400 is one of the sixteen National Science and Technology Major Projects. Developed from Chinas nuclear R&D system and manufacturing capability, [...]

  • Z. Zhang, Y. Dong, F. Li, Z. Zhang, H. Wang, X. Huang, H. Li, B. Liu, X. Wu, H. Wang, X. Diao, H. Zhang, J. Wang
    (2016). Vol. 2

    After the first concrete was poured on December 9, 2012 at the Shidao Bay site in Rongcheng, Shandong Province, China, the construction of the reactor building for the worlds [...]

  • Y. Wu
    (2016). Vol. 2

    In 2011, the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched an engineering project to develop an accelerator-driven subcritical system (ADS) for nuclear waste transmutation. The China [...]

  • J. Xing, D. Song, Y. Wu
    (2016). Vol. 2

    HPR1000 is an advanced nuclear power plant (NPP) with the significant feature of an active and passive safety design philosophy, developed by the China National Nuclear Corporation. [...]

  • W. Ma, Y. Yuan, B. Sehgal
    (2016). Vol. 2

    A historical review of in-vessel melt retention (IVR) is given, which is a severe accident mitigation measure extensively applied in Generation III pressurized water reactors [...]

  • K. Clarke
    (2016). Vol. 2

  • J. Gilleland, R. Petroski, K. Weaver
    (2016). Vol. 2

    The traveling wave reactor (TWR) is a once-through reactor that uses in situ breeding to greatly reduce the need for enrichment and reprocessing. Breeding converts incoming [...]

  • D. Sung
    (2016). Vol. 2

    Like the hard surfaces of streets and sidewalks in an urban environment, the vertical and horizontal surface area on the outside of urban buildings contributes to the constant [...]

  • Z. Cui, B. Yang, R. Li
    (2016). Vol. 2

    Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death throughout the world. The demand for new therapeutic interventions is increasing. Although pharmacological and surgical [...]

  • Z. Cheng, X. Yan, X. Sun, B. Shen, S. Gambhir
    (2016). Vol. 2

    Molecular imaging (MI) can provide not only structural images using traditional imaging techniques but also functional and molecular information using many newly emerging [...]

  • C. Holliday
    (2016). Vol. 2

  • A. Borthwick
    (2016). Vol. 2

    Energy production based on fossil fuel reserves is largely responsible for carbon emissions, and hence global warming. The planet needs concerted action to reduce fossil fuel [...]

  • A. Kadak
    (2016). Vol. 2

    In 2005, the US passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 mandating the construction and operation of a high-temperature gas reactor (HTGR) by 2021. This law was passed after a [...]


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