• W. Wang, T. Suzuki
    Singapore Dental Journal (2015). Vol. 36

    This case report utilized a patients natural teeth as provisional restorations supported by immediately placed implants to provide a seamless transition from hopeless teeth [...]

  • S. Peng
    Singapore Dental Journal (2015). Vol. 36

  • M. Patel, A. Alani
    Singapore Dental Journal (2015). Vol. 36

    Occlusal diagnosis plays an important role in the planning and subsequent delivery of predictable functional and aesthetic restorations and prostheses. Once an occlusal problem [...]

  • N. Joanna, W. Thomson
    Singapore Dental Journal (2015).

    This paper presents an overview of dry mouth, an important condition in the older population. Dry mouth will first be defined, followed by consideration of its occurrence. [...]

  • S. Kim, S. Lee, Y. Lee, Y. Lee
    Singapore Dental Journal (2015). Vol. 36

    MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short, noncoding RNAs that act as key regulators of diverse biological processes by mediating translational repression or mRNA degradation of target [...]


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