• M. Doubront
    correspondencias & análisis (2019). 11

    Given the complex crisis experienced by Venezuela, which has provoked a systematic defection of university students, there is a need to structure a training plan for entrepreneurs, [...]

  • P. Echeverry
    correspondencias & análisis (2019). 10

    This article start with a research completed in 2018, whose goal was to identify situations and causes of physical, emotional, social and economic vulnerability of the students [...]

  • C. Valle-Rojas, M. Ruiz, F. Verdú, F. Silva-Layera
    correspondencias & análisis (2019). 9

    This paper analyzes the information treatment of the Mapuche people in the newspaper El Mercurio during two periods. First, between 1950 and 1973 (twentieth century); and [...]

  • W. Alva
    correspondencias & análisis (2019). 8

    This paper focus on implementation of communication strategies developed in the Rehabilitation of Potable Water and Sewerage Network Lote 3 project, executed between 2013 [...]

  • A. Zepeda
    correspondencias & análisis (2019). 7

    The essay makes a description of the strategical role the play public relations during electoral campaigns. In the beginning, the essay conceptualizes public relations and [...]

  • T. Atarama-Rojas
    correspondencias & análisis (2019). 6

    This paper explores the contributions of transmedia storytelling in the construction of fictional worlds, in an attempt to detect the narrative elements that strengthen the [...]

  • S. Escalada
    correspondencias & análisis (2019). 5

    When analyzing any branding work we tend to simplify a process that by its nature is enormously complex and multidisciplinary. There is an important current of opinion that [...]

  • G. García
    correspondencias & análisis (2019). 4

    El presente estudio tiene como objetivo conocer de qué manera la manipulación fotográfica se relaciona con la credibilidad del medio periodístico [...]

  • R. Cárcela
    correspondencias & análisis (2019). 3

    The paper analyses “El Caso Mundial” and “El Caso Criminal”, both of them event newspapers that emerged in Spain after the disappearance of "El [...]

  • J. Altamar
    correspondencias & análisis (2019). 2

    We reflect on the concept of the Latin American chronicle from the understanding that to build it, testimonial is not enough, but that additional criteria must be taken into [...]

  • A. Pérez-Virtus, A. Larrondo-Ureta
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 126

    Media are supposed to pay special attention to the traditional journalistic ethical norms in the cases of media coverage of bullying in schools (Olweus, 1998; Mason, 2008), [...]

  • I. Gutiérrez, M. Becerra, J. Miguel
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 125

    Video games have been created on political and social issues since the beginning of this medium. In recent years, many computer developers are creating and launching games [...]

  • I. Nascimento, G. Said
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 124

    This research addresses the analysis of the construction of the female identity in the news regarding the Female Brazilian National Soccer Team broadcasted in “Globo [...]

  • G. Padilla
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 123

    Storytelling is a human action. Humankind practices it from memorial times until these days. Stories are important for species survival since through these knowledge is transfer [...]

  • M. Morales, L. García, H. Ledezma
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 122

    This research aims to analyze whether the adults in the municipalities of Monterrey and Apodaca in the state of Nuevo León (Mexico) have electronic tools that allow [...]

  • C. Quesada
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 121

    Some elements are proposed for the interpretation of the content of the documentary short films produced by Fernando Valdivia, particularly Buscando el azul (2003), situating [...]

  • P. Saldanha
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 120

    At the beginning of the re-examination of the typology of traditional marketing advertising based on classic authors of advertising communication, the two structuring types [...]

  • F. Beltramelli, D. Serna, D. Herrera
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 119

    This paper contributes for the research agenda located at the intersection of processed normative changes and the advancement of new convergent technologies for the Audiovisual [...]

  • N. Morales, V. Mieles, T. Diaz
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 118

    Interactive maps are digital tools that make information available to people in a visual way, in a single set. In addition, they offer the necessary flexibility so that each [...]

  • Y. Lara
    correspondencias & análisis (2018). 117

    The main aim of this paper is to determine if the Corporate Identity System (SIC) of Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) transmits notoriety elements of [...]


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