Plenary Lecture Anders Logg

Plenary Lecture Fabio Nobile

Plenary Lecture Suzanne M. Shontz

Recent Developments in Methods and Applications for Mesh Adaptation

Adaptive Methods for Surrogate and Reduced Order Modeling

Applications of Goal-Oriented Error Estimation and Adaptivity

Advanced Techniques for Data Assimilation, Inverse Analysis, and Data-based Enrichment of Simulation Models

SEC4TD Mini-Symposium on Tailings Dams Modelling and Data Assimilation for Monitoring

Biomedical Simulations and Applications

Error Estimates and Adaptive Methods for IGA and Higher Order FEM

Adaptive Modelling, Optimisation and Learning Strategies for Image Analysis

Error estimation (due to discretization and/or modeling)

Discretization techniques and high-fidelity schemes

Reduced-order models

Multi-scale and multi-physics modeling

Machine learning assisted computations

Optimization and inverse problems

Uncertainty Quantification, and its connection with accuracy


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