t-Discuss the urban traffic line network optimization principle, objective and constraints. Presents mathematical expression for distinct optimum objects function form and corresponding constraints. Finally, varied objectives and programming model of public traffic line network optimization is produced, but evaluated and discussed the objective mathematical expression. The public transit optimizing model for medium city is established by analysing the optimizing aim and the restrictive condition. Keyw ords-Public traffic, Line network, Optimization Medium -sized city's rapid economic development and urb anization, one of the representatives of the urban public tr ansport has failed to catch up with the pace of deve lopment level of urban development, so the current urb an traffic congestion, the public "ride hard" phenomenon, is still a very prominent issue .Especially as China's urb anization level, improving people's lives, our cities will face more severe traffic challenges, and this situation is diff icult in quite a long time to change. There is currently existin g transport resources to maximize use efficiency is to ease traffic between supply and demand fundamental way. Sinc e public transport efficient use of transport resources to make by developing public transport, the implementation of tr ansit network optimization as tensions ease urban traffic th e necessary road. and the public transportation ne twork Optimization is also a small investment, quick, eas y to implement effective measures. Thus the use of mode rn transportation planning theory and modern co mputing technology, the existing urban road system and publi c transport capacity, based on a reasonable public tr ansportation network through the city layout of the existin g public transport capacity to optimize the co mbination, to maximize the effectiveness of the system's best, has become an important domestic and foreign research scholars. Therefore, this paper draw on research results on the basis of the above, the use of the system of scientific thinking on a number of public transportation network optimization problem.

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Published on 01/01/2012

Volume 2012, 2012
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