The main goal of this project is the study and modeling of the noise annoyance caused by air traffic by using the fuzzy logic theory. Like many other environmental problems, air traffic noise, continues to grow and has become a serious problem in many countries. Millions of people living or working around airport areas can suffer from noise exposure effects as for instance hearing loss, interference with communication, stress, sleep disturbance, psychological effects as well as a general reduction in quality of life and tranquillity. However, noise annoyance is a difficult issue to evaluate as it is open to subjective reactions. Fuzzy logic theory is the perfect tool to analyse and evaluate all that vague and imprecise concepts that contrary to many other concepts, like age, distance or time, can not be measured as easily. In this project, a fuzzy function has been developed to quantify the annoyance level that people living or working in areas near airports are suffering. The parameters that come into play in this feature are the noise level, time of day, the number of events per hour, and finally, if it is a residential or an industrial area. Finally, the results of the fuzzy system have been represented on graphics that show the levels of nuisance caused by aircraft noise in each of the situations according the variables of the fuzzy function.

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Published on 01/01/2008

Volume 2008, 2008
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