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Call for Candidates

29 June 2022

The ProdPhD project aims to design innovative online training methodologies for the stimulation of entrepreneurial skills of PhD candidates.

We are currently in the process of selecting distinguished PhD candidates from all disciplines to participate in a pilot exercise of the project, consisting of taking a module on “Entrepreneurship in Digital Economy” through an innovative online platform

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1st External Advisory Board Workshop

20 October 2021

It is our pleasure to announce that the 1st External Advisory Board Workshop of the ProdPhD project will be held on the 20th October 2021. The meeting will be done online due to the current pandemic situation and will be attended by all the members of the consortium from the entities WEGEMT, IPAG, UC2M, CIMNE and SCIPEDIA, and 13 expert members of the External Advisory Board of the project. The event will start with a general presentation of the ProdPhD project given by the members of the consortium. After that, a discussion will be held on the relevant aspects of the project. The aim of the workshop is to get valuable suggestions and feedback from different external experts in entrepreneurship education.

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