Nowadays, the radar is no longer the sole technology which is able to ensure the surveillance of air traffic. The extensive deployment of satellite systems and air-to-ground data links leads to the emergence of complementary means and techniques on which a great deal of research and experiments have been carried out over the past ten years. In such an environment, the sensor data processing, which is a key element in any Air Traffic Control (ATC) centre, has been continuously upgraded so as to follow the sensor technology evolution and in the meantime improves the quality in term of continuity, integrity and accuracy criteria. This book chapter proposes a comprehensive description of the state of art and the roadmap for the future of the multi sensor data fusion architectures and techniques in use in ATC centres. The first part of the chapter describes the background of ATC centres, while the second part of the chapter points out various data fusion techniques. Multi radar data processing architecture is analysed and a brief definition of internal core tracking algorithms is given as well as a comparative benchmark based on their respective advantages and drawbacks. The third part of the chapter focuses on the most recent evolution that leads from a Multi Radar Tracking System to a Multi Sensor Tracking System. The last part of the chapter deals with the sensor data processing that will be put in operation in the next ten years. The main challenge will be to provide the same level of services in both surface and air surveillance areas in order to offer: • highly accurate air and surface situation awareness to air traffic controllers, • situational awareness via Traffic Information System – Broadcast (TIS-B) services to pilots and vehicle drivers, and • new air and surface safety, capacity and efficiency applications to airports and airlines.

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Published on 01/01/2009

Volume 2009, 2009
DOI: 10.5772/6573
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