Published in European Journal of Computational Mechanics, Vol. 27 (1), pp. 1-32, 2018
DOI: 10.1080/17797179.2017.1340013


The solid-shells are an attractive kind of element for the simulation of f orming processes, due to the fact that any kind of generic 3D constitutive law can be employed without any kind of additional modification, besides the thermomechanic problem is formulated without additional assumptions. Additionally, this type of element allows the three-dimensional description of the deformable body, thus contact on both sides of the element can be treated easily. The present work consists in the development of a triangular prism element as a solid-shell, for the analysis of thin/thick shell, undergoing large deformations. The element is formulated in total Lagrangian formulation, and employs the neighbour (adjacent) elements to perform a local patch to enrich the displacement field. In the original formulation by Flores, a modified right Cauchy-Green deformation tensor () is obtained; in the present work a modified deformation gradient () is obtained, which allows to generalise the methodology and allows to employ a wide range of constitutive laws. The element is based in three modifications: (a) a classical assumed strain approach for transverse shear strains (b) an assumed strain approach for the in-plane components using information from neighbour elements and (c) an averaging of the volumetric strain over the element. The objective is to use this type of elements for the simulation of shells avoiding transverse shear locking, improving the membrane behaviour of the in-plane triangle and to handle quasi-incompressible materials or materials with isochoric plastic flow. Some examples have been evaluated to show the good performance of the element and results.

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Published on 25/04/19

DOI: 10.1080/17797179.2017.1340013
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA license

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