Biogas production is synonymous with Linköping, as an increasing number of internationalvisitors are coming to the region to learn of the biogas system in place. Moreover, Linköpingis a world leader in the production, distribution and research on biogas. Since the 1990s,Linköping, Sweden has been developing a biogas system which is benchmarked worldwide.This system has grown rapidly, and has the potential to expand even further in Sweden andabroad. Many of the leading biogas development industrial actors originate and call Linköpingtheir home. Technologies from this region have thus begun to spread worldwide, as many ofthe benchmarking practices have concluded that the system could provide parallel benefits tocommunities abroad.The biogas system thus provides many examples of a budding large technical system.However, just as other large technical systems, there are obstacles to overcome and the biogassystem, which is relatively recent, has a long way to go before it is able to dominate themarket. Moreover, large technical systems as such owe a great deal to both the technical aswell as the social systems enabling their success. Nonetheless, the biogas system is thusanalyzed an up-and-coming large technical system with force to prevail and expand nationallyand globally. Perspectives on Energy System

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Published on 01/01/2009

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