In order to have a complete Architecture of the ACTIVAGE platform, the device domain constituted of smart sensor and actuator nodes, gateways, connectivity and its associated protocols must be also considered. Therefore, it is imperative to identify the different devices required to implement the uses cases considered in the different Deployment sites (DSes). A systematic analysis is performed on the device, gateway, cloud and applications domains constituting each of the nine DSes. This analysis is based on several registration forms in order to gather key elements of each domain. The original goal was to collect information concerning only the device domain. However during the first months of the project, this goal changed to also include the three other domains in order to get an overall, homogenized, and rich technical information view of each DS. The additional information includes, the DS topology, the applications foreseen, the security and privacy mechanism to be implemented in the overall system, the servers used and their locations, and other information required to facilitate, in Task 3.2, the Security and Privacy assessments. Furthermore, this document gives a summary and classification of the different devices used in each DS allowing the identification of communalities, potential synergies and knowledge sharing between DSs. For the cases where, no suitable solutions are available, new devices could be prototyped in order to support a given use case with the right device or the right security protection level. Finally and in order to have a more complete document, the following aspects are also included: a list of key concepts in the device and gateway domains are explicitly defined to be shared and used in the overall project, a short introduction on the evolution of the communication systems is given in order to understand key IoT concepts at IoT architecture level and in particular at the device and gateway domains, including some security ones, and a brief market analysis on the home automation and health care devices.

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