This document sets the policy for accessing data and information gathered by ADRIPLAN and will ensure that data are handled in a consistent and transparent manner. The policy aims to strike a balance between the rights of investigators and the need for widespread access through the free and unrestricted sharing and exchange of ADRIPLAN data, meta-data and data products. In agreeing to share, data providers need to have assurance that their data are properly handled, disseminated and acknowledged following similar principles and rules across countries and stakeholders.
This policy covers data, metadata and products on maritime uses, environmental conditions and planning documents which are acquired, processed and disseminated in the framework of ADRIPLAN.
ADRIPLAN doesn't collect any new data so the information it uses depends on the contribution from partners, according to their role in the project and the provisions of the Grant Agreement and the Partnership Agreement, and on data acquired from external sources. Part of the source data are provided directly by ADRIPLAN partners and a large part of data are made available by other organizations. Independent data policies associated to datasets and databases merged in the framework of ADRIPLAN will be included and correct citations will be assured. From source data, added value data products are created as part of ADRIPLAN’s duties.
The main goals of this data policy are: to allow ADRIPLAN's partners to discover, access, process and use as many data as possible to develop valuable MSP plans proposals, through the ADRIPLAN Data Portal to provide partners with pertinent, sound, updated, and accurate information to capitalize knowledge, efforts and investments from existing projects and national and international experiences to ensure acknowledgement to owners and producers of the data and information they will provide to ADRIPLAN to ensure that the conditions that are applied to the provided data will be documented and respected in the ADRIPLAN Data Portal to promote the widest possible dissemination and reuse of ADRIPLAN's products and outputs, not only to partners in the project but also to stakeholders, public administrations and citizens to adopt and promote the best and the most open international rules and licenses for sharing and reuse of d

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Published on 01/01/2014

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