A Game Theoretic Approach to the Determination of Hyperpaths in Transportation Networks.- Network Equilibrium under Cumulative Prospect Theory and Endogenous Stochastic Demand and Supply.- Estimation of Parameters of Network Equilibrium Models: A Maximum Likelihood Method and Statistical Properties of Network Flow.- Spatiotemporal Effects of Segregating Different Vehicle Classes on Separate Lanes.- Microscopic Traffic Behaviour near Incidents.- Understanding Stop-and-go Traffic in View of Asymmetric Traffic Theory.- A Stochastic #x03B1 -reliable Mean-excess Traffic Equilibrium Model with Probabilistic Travel Times and Perception Errors.- Equilibrium Trip Scheduling in Congested Traffic under Uncertainty.- Reliable a Priori Shortest Path Problem with Limited Spatial and Temporal Dependencies.- Risk Averse Second Best Toll Pricing.- Cordon Pricing Consistent with the Physics of Overcrowding.- Build-operate-transfer Schemes for Road Franchising with Road Deterioration and Maintenance Effects.- Equilibria and Inefficiency in Traffic Networks with Stochastic Capacity and Information Provision.- An Active-set Algorithm for Discrete Network Design Problems.- Multi-class Multi-modal Network Equilibrium with Regular Choice Behaviors: A General Fixed Point Approach.- Existence of Equilibrium in a Continuous Dynamic Queueing Model for Traffic Networks with Responsive Signal Control.- Harmonic Analysis and Optimization of Traffic Signal Systems.- A Two-direction Method of Solving Variable Demand Equilibrium Models with and without Signal Control.- Modeling Learning Impacts on Day-to-day Travel Choice.- A Probit-based Joint Discrete-continuous Model System: Analyzing the Relationship between Timing and Duration of Maintenance Activities.- Bayesian Learning, Day-to-day Adjustment Process, and Stability of Wardrop Equilibrium.- Hotspot Identification: A Full Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling Approach.- The Continuous Risk Profile Approach for the Identification of High Collision Concentration Locations on Congested Highways.- Driver Behavior, Dilemma Zone, and Capacity at Red Light Camera Equipped Intersections.- Optimization of a Bus and Rail Transit System with Feeder Bus Services under Different Market Regimes.- Modelling Dynamic Generation of a Choice Set in Pedestrian Networks.- A Common Modeling Framework for Dynamic Traffic Assignment and Supply Chain Management Systems with Congestion Phenomena.- A Pedestrian Model Considering Anticipatory Behaviour for Capacity Evaluation.- A Comparative Assessment of Stochastic Capacity Estimation Methods.- Supply-demand Diagrams and a New Framework for Analyzing the Inhomogeneous Lighthill-Whitham-Richards Model.- Network Evaluation Based on Connectivity Vulnerability.- Reliability-based Dynamic Discrete Network Design with Stochastic Networks.- Flow Breakdown, Travel Reliability and Real-time Information in Route Choice Behavior.- Optimal Sensor Placement for Freeway Travel Time Estimation.- Updating Dynamic Origin-destination Matrices using Observed Link Travel Speed by Probe Vehicles.

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