The purpose of this paper is to present the results of an investigation as to the interconnection between main exterior factors which can influence the power consumption during the vehicle movement in the conditions of real operation. According to the results of theoretic researches, there was determined an influence of every factor on the power consumption during vehicle movement in the modes typical for Lutsk city. There was established a contribution of the factors into the total power consumption on micro and macro levels. As a result of the study it was evaluated that an influence of a driver on a power consumption is situated within 50…80 %, an influence of an air resistance is up to 10 %, an influence of a longitudinal profile and a road resistance varies within 20…35 %. According to the results of experiments, there were determined the bus driving modes in urban conditions, and according to their results, there was built an average graph of bus movement in Lutsk city. There was made a mathematic modelling of electric vehicle movement, along with that there was taken into account the most probable range of change of the exterior factors, namely vehicle acceleration, road resistance, air resistance. It was proved that while speed is growing, the influence of road resistance and of air resistance is growing up and has a parabolic character, along with that the contribution of a driver is decreasing. The contribution of the study consists in that, There were proposed the coefficients of taking into consideration the influence of exterior factors on the power consumption by the vehicle and there was built a mathematic model for their determination. These coefficients of taking into consideration the influence of exterior factors on the power consumption give a possibility to evaluate the critical influences and to make an operative decision about the minimization of power consumption as for some specific vehicles, and for an enterprise. Further researches will focus on the plotting of telemetric means of informing, in a mode of real time, of the drivers of the vehicles, of the controllers of an enterprise about the exterior influences, that will give a possibility to make the appropriative decisions instantly. Besides, the given results can be used in order to determine the level of qualification of a driver, the state of road pavement, will give a possibility to find some more rational layout of bus stops, traffic lights, to optimize the routes of vehicles movement.

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Published on 01/01/2019

Volume 2019, 2019
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3387533
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