The Internet of Everything is the last of the three waves of the internet as discussed, the first wave being the building of the internet infrastructure with its foundations such as AOL, HP, Cisco systems; the second being the entry of social media such as Facebook and search engines such as Google and Yahoo and Google’s Android and Apple’s IPhone. This phase started at the beginning of this century. The third phase—which is a logical corollary to the second—would see a shift between the ownership of the internet in internet companies and the total involvement of the internet in all important aspects of our lives. The Internet of Everything (IoE) is known to be the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things while the Internet of Things (IoT) involved communications exclusively between machines. Needless to say, the internet of everything will have a bearing on air transport, with interesting ramifications for its legal aspects which will be discussed below. According to Cisco IoE is “a $19 trillion global opportunity over the next decade: Private-sector firms can create as much as $14.4 trillion of value while cities, governments and other public-sector organizations can create $4.6 trillion”. Cisco goes on to say that “(IoT) brings together people, process, data and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before – turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals and countries”.

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