The presented fire suppression mechanism is a self-monitoring system that detects the existence of fire between a specific range of wavelength and suppresses the fire by spreading water flowing via multiple sprinkler-heads. The controlling unit used to manipulate the fire suppression mechanism is an Arduino Uno. The major advantage of this system is its capability to detect fire fast and run water through dedicated pipes using solenoid valve. Fire is an undesirable event that could cause a great loss of social wealth, human life, and confidential amenities. To prevent these losses, various extinguishing systems have already been developed, such as sprinkler heads with temperature sensitive valve and temperature sensor based systems. These systems come with a high chance of delayed sensing and human error that can mislead the sensing and hence the whole system in general. Our fire suppression system, on the other hand, is extremely well thought out; it has no chance of human error as it is fully self-sufficient. The room or the area will have dedicated overhead sprinklers connected to the water supply through its dedicated solenoid valve which controls the flow of water in the pipelines. The triggering devices of this system are the flame sensors, when they detect fire an alarm will go off. The Algorithm set in the Arduino will come into work and an optimal voltage will be provided to the solenoid valve through a relay, hence water will rush out the sprinklers to extinguish the fire in no time. The sensors used are highly sensitive[5], thus it will detect fire even before it reaches a point of concern. Unlike other systems, the components we used are readily available and reasonable in price. Also, the system has been tested to extinguish fire in real-world scale. Our automated fire suppression system can be used both for commercial and residential purposes.

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Published on 01/01/2019

Volume 2019, 2019
DOI: 10.1109/discover.2018.8674078
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