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  • J. Ruge, F. Molina-Gómez, J. Bastidas, R. Cunha, I. Otálvaro
    Rev. int. métodos numér. cálc. diseño ing. (2019). Vol. 35, (4), 48

    Generally, the effects of suction in fine sands can be evidenced by a stiffening of the material, as the capillary front advances in the granular skeleton. In geotechnical [...]

  • J. Ruge, E. Martinez, S. Bañol, J. León, F. Molina-Gómez
    Rev. int. métodos numér. cálc. diseño ing. (2020). Vol. 36, (1), 3

    In geotechnical engineering one of the challenges is the soil characterization. Nevertheless, currently it exists computational tools, which permits estimate the soil behaviour [...]

  • C. Mendoza, J. Ruge, B. Caicedo
    Rev. int. métodos numér. cálc. diseño ing. (2018). Vol. 34, (1), 11

    This work shows the variability of the friction angle based on the geological history, over the bearing capacity of shallow foundations. This study was developed through the [...]

Articles (Documents not available in Scipedia)

  • Implications of the atmosphere-soil interaction for the design of earth retaining structures

    JC Ruge, JE Colmenares, RP da Cunha, D Mašín

    E3S Web of Conferences 9, 12002, 2016

  • Interacción atmósfera-suelo en el diseno geotécnico de estruturas temporales de contención

    JC Ruge, JE Colmenares, RP da Cunha

    ISRM 2nd International Specialized Conference on Soft Rocks, 2016

  • Influence of Structure in Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations in Tropical Soils

    CC Mendoza, JC Ruge, B Caicedo

    Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering 21, 4203-4216, 2016

  • Una Mirada Probabilística al Concreto de Alta Resistencia

    ZA Cerón, J Ruge, Á Rodríguez

    Ingenio Magno 5 (1), 18-27, 2015

  • Results of unsaturated tests on metastable soils

    JC Ruge, RP da Cunha, D Mašín

    Proceedings 1st Pan-American Conference on Unsaturated Soils, PanAmUNSAT …, 2013