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  • Rev. int. métodos numér. cálc. diseño ing. (2021). Vol. 37, (2), 20

    This paper shows a numerical polynomial approximation to the issue of how junction transistors "BJT" and field effect transistors "FET" can work in safe [...]

  • Rev. int. métodos numér. cálc. diseño ing. (2020). Vol. 36, (1), 10

    The thermal-conductive models for the calculation of the electrical conductors and their energy dissipations have been able to solve doubts about the power conductors, which [...]

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  • Analytical Expressions for the Magnetic Field Generated by a Circular Arc Filament Carrying a Direct Current

    M. González and D. Cárdenas

    IEEE Access, vol. 9, pp. 7483-7495, 2021, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3044871.

  • A “Thermal-conductive Simplified Model” for the Actual Temperature of Overloaded Cables

    D. Cárdenas

    IEEE Latin America Transactions, Volume 17-4, 2019, pp615-624, ISI, ISSN 1548-0992, (DOI: 10.1109/TLA.2019.8891886)

  • Analysis and modeling of dynamic behavior of the COVID-19 outbreak: study case of Panama

    D. Cárdenas and J. Casaboza

    IEEE Latin America Transactions, Vol 100 Nº 1e(2020), Early Access: sept. 21, 2020, (DOI: 10.1109/TLA.2019.8891886).

  • “Phantom Impedances” as an Option to Solve 3D Symmetrical Circuit Arrangements

    DE Cardenas

    IEEE Latin America Transactions 16 (1), 155-162, 2018

  • True Calculus of the Warming in Electrical Wires in Low Voltage: A Design Correction

    DE Cardenas

    IEEE Latin America Transactions 13 (1), 172-180, 2015

  • Thermal characterization of electrical wires and insulation operated in variable frequency mode

    DE Cardenas, OA Ezekoye

    Fire Technology 51 (5), 1071-1092, 2015

  • The thermal electrical overheating. A physicochemical perspective of the electrical warming

    C Estrada, D Elam, S Gracia Villar, F Fernández Diez, LA Dzul

    Revista Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad de Antioquia, 57-67, 2012

  • Modelado de fuentes generadoras de incendios eléctricos por termoconducción

    DE Cárdenas Estrada

    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2011

  • La electricidad como fuente generadora de incendios

    D Cárdenas

    El Tecnológico 18 (1), 24-26, 2010

  • Propuesta de un Modelo Matemático para calcular el Calentamiento de Conductores Eléctricos

    D Cárdenas

    Tecnociencia 12 (2), 71-88, 2010



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