About me

I graduated with a BsC in Physics at the University of Barcelona (UB), and have a PhD degree in Physics from the Technical University of Catalunya (UPC). My research interests are Meteorology and Air Polution Modeling.

I have held a Tenure-track position at UPC (Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Dept. of Physics and Nuclear Engineering), to move later to the private sector, first as Head of Atmospheric Projects at TYPSA-TECNOMA, and as a Freelance consultant in Environmental Engineering projects (www.ceciliasoriano.com).

Since 2012 I am Staff Scientist at CIMNE, where I carry out duties related to Research Management and Competitive Fundraising. Reporting directly to the Director and the General manager, my tasks at CIMNE have to do with providing pre-award assistance to researchers to apply for available competitive grants (at the national, EC or international funding level). I identify funding opportunities, help determine eligibility for grants and awards, and collaborate with them in the development of the proposals needed to compete for them. I also oversee budget development, and help prepare any documentation required by a proposal. Additionally, I participate in the negotiation stage (in EC grants) towards signature of the grant agreement, and occasionally I am involved in project management regarding coordination of the consortium and follow up of the project side-by-side with the Principal Investigator.

I am also the coordinator of the UPC UNESCO Chair in Numerical Methods in Engineering.



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