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    Scipedia offers a flexible, scalable and easily customizable hosting solution for institutional open science portals, based on the most reliable technology. Our hosting plans [...]

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  • Lagrangian finite element model for the 3D simulation of glass forming processes

    PB Ryzhakov, J Garcia, E Oñate

    Computers & Structures 177, 126-140, 2016

  • Computer programming of free GUIs for the analysis of the behaviour of marine structures

    JE Gutiérrez, B Zamora, J Garcia-Espinosa, MR Peyrau

    Ships and Offshore Structures 11 (5), 471-481, 2016

  • DNS of flow in a low-pressure turbine cascade with elevated inflow turbulence using a discontinuous-Galerkin spectral-element method

    A Garai, LT Diosady, SM Murman, N Madavan, N Roozeboom, ...

    Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2016 56, 71-79, 2016



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