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Postdoctoral researcher  ( Manufacturing and  Characterization of novel composites materials).
I spent several years in different labs in INDIA, UK, BELGIUM and SOUTH AFRICA to gain an understanding of mechanical behavior of new materials to target speciality applications for aerospace and automobile requirements. I studied a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, IIT Guwahati and a doctoral degree from the UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL. I worked as a research scientist in Shenzhen Super fiber novel materials co. Ltd(SFNM). SFNM is an enterprise specializing in research and development as well as manufacturing of impact and blast resistant lightweight composite.SFNM has organized composite experts and our team from American, United Kingdom and China to    Undertake research and development of the lightweight composite. As a team member, I am responsible to design and fabricate composite reinforced sandwich structures.


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