Shipbuilding has always been very important in the economic development of a country. Around 90% of world trade is carried out across the sea, with vessels increasingly specialized and more complex from the technical point of view; In recent years, the number of cruise trips has increased and activity in the recreational boating sector has increased. These activities have been slowed recently due to the global crisis, although this situation is cyclical, so there will always be a sector, the shipbuilding sector, which will demand specialized professionals in all aspects of the project, construction, maintenance, repair, inspection and exploitation of all types of vessels.

The starting of the degree studies of Naval Architecture was a direct consequence of Real Decreto nº 336, of 21st January on 1977, which joined together the faculties of Mining and Industrial technologies, in a new faculty “Escuela Universitaria Politécnica”. The new studies of degree in Naval Architecture was added into this new faculty.

At the beginning, the new studies were centred on Naval structures. The establishment was conditioned by a poor economic budget. Most of professors in the new studies were professionals of National of shipbuilding company E. N. BAZAN. The new team was centred on the training of high quality professionals. Then, the new faculty was supplied with new professors and installations to improve the study’s quality.

The technical University of Cartagena, founded on 1998, according to the modification of the competency of graduates in Naval architecture, promises the creation of the Master on Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. New studies started 2003 – 2004 academic year.

A few years later, with the European Education Space the old studies at faculty were transformed according to Bologna agreement.

This new degree aims to train these professionals, and by including specific technological training, allowing the student a comprehensive training of all aspects related with the project, construction, maintenance, repair and inspection of ships which will provide them with a better preparation both for their professional development and for access to the Master's programs in Naval and Oceanic Engineering.

Title is focused on the professional orientation with the established competences in the aforementioned Ministerial Order, with the aim of guaranteeing adequate training in technological activities related to the field of naval engineering (Project, manufacturing engineering, management of work, technical inspection, security, rescue and rescue, logistical support, maintenance, transformations, reforms, repairs, etc.).


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