100 Fracture, Damage and Failure Mechanics

  • S. Yan, R. Müller

    The fatigue phenomenon is difficult to be modeled and simulated because of its natural property, which does not happen imminently but rather after a larger number of cycles. [...]

  • F. Figueiredo, L. Borges, L. Moreira

    Pipelines are vital means of transportation of liquids and gases over large geographical areas. Regarding buried pipes, they are submitted to thermal and mechanical loads [...]

  • E. Smotrova, S. Li, V. Silberschmidt

    Adaptation is the process, with which bone responds to changes in loading environment and modifies its properties and organisation to meet the mechanical demands. Trabecular [...]

  • I. Riku, K. Mimura

    In this study, we at first employ a nonaffine polymer chains network model to account for the irreversible structural change during the deformation of DN gels. And then, a [...]

  • K. Kida, Y. Wada

    The prediction of fracture behavior under extremely low cycle fatigue due to excessive loading is necessary for the life assessment of structures. This study evaluates the [...]

  • Y. Kishi, Y. Wada

    The strength evaluation of structures that requires high reliability, such as power generation facilities, is extremely important. It is necessary to ensure safety under extremely [...]

200 Advanced Discretization Techniques

300 Multiscale and Multiphysics Systems

400 Biomechanics and Mechanobiology

500 Materials by Design

600 Fluid Dynamics and Transport Phenomena

700 Numerical Methods and Algorithms in Science and Engineering

800 Verification and Validation, Uncertainty Evaluation and Error Estimation

900 Structural Mechanics, Dynamics and Engineering

1000 Manufacturing and Materials Processing

1100 Atomistic, Nano and Micro Mechanics of Materials

1200 Modeling and Analysis of Real World and Industry Applications

1300 Inverse Problems, Optimization and Design

1400 Software, High Performance Computing

1500 Fluid-structure Interaction, Contact and Interfaces

1600 Geomechanics and Natural Materials

1700 Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

1800 Imaging, Visualization, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

2100 Environmental, Energy and Resource Engineering

2200 Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Safety Problems

2300 Infectious Diseases and Environmental Problems

2400 Others


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Engineering, Mechanical