• M. Adrias, G. Journal
    GET International Research Journal (2023). https://guildofeducatorsintesol.international/volume-1-series-1-february-2023-4/

    Writing is known as an important skill of a student to be developed for this is one of the methods of communication that are mostly used to convey feelings. Further development [...]

  • A. Garcia, G. Journal
    GET International Research Journal (2023). https://guildofeducatorsintesol.international/volume-1-series-1-february-2023-3/

    This study aimed to enhance the mastery level of the campus journalists of Cuyo Central School, Division of Palawan in basic news writing through (CEB) Contextualized Error [...]

  • D. Acab, G. Journal
    GET International Research Journal (2023). https://guildofeducatorsintesol.international/volume-1-series-1-february-2023-2/

    The English language is a basic requirement that should be acquired by a student in a school. It is suggested that the student’s learning gap was connected to their [...]

  • S. Dolba, G. Journal
    GET International Research Journal (2023). https://guildofeducatorsintesol.international/volume-1-series-1-february-2023/

    The researcher pursued the study in the common errors of language learners on subject-verb agreement because Filipino Students learning English have well-formed speech habits [...]

  • S. Dolba, S. Dolba
    GET International Research Journal (2023). https://guildofeducatorsintesol.international/archives-2/

    The use of mobile devices has generated a new way of communication by using unique abbreviations and grammatical shortcuts. This method of communicating has been commonly [...]


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