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    A finite element method for the solution of the up-to-second-order wave diffraction-radiation problem in the time-domain is proposed. The solver has been validated against experimental data available for the HiPRWind semisubmersible platform (designed for floating wind turbines). [...]

  • Abstract

    The aim of this work is to be able to cope with complex sloshing-seakeeping problems in an effective manner. For this purpose, two different solvers will be integrated into one coupled tool to take advantage of their characteristics.

    The Particle Finite Element Method [...]

  • José Enrique Gutiérrez Romero, Julio García-Espinosa, Blas Zamora-Parra, JA Esteve Pérez


    There is no question about the relevancy of the blue growth concept, as a long term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine sector. One of the sectors that has a higher potential for sustainable growth in this field is the aquaculture. This work is focused on the development [...]

  • Abstract

    The last decades there is a strong interest in predicting cavitation dynamics as it is a prerequisite in order to predict cavitation erosion. Industrial applications require accurate results in an acceptable time span and as a result there is a focus on large scale dynamics. In [...]

  • Abstract

    Much research has been done on the fracture of ship hulls due to collision or grounding; especially over the past two decades, where emphasis has been on advancing relevant nonlinear finite element analysis techniques. These simulations typically involve prediction of hull fracture/rupture, [...]

  • Benedetto Allotta, Alessandro Ridolfi, Nicola Palma, Marco Pagliai, Matteo Bianchi, Jonathan Gelli, Niccolò Monni, Francesco Fanelli


    Autonomous underwater navigation remains, as of today, a challenging task. The marine environment limits the number of sensors available for precise localization, hence Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) usually rely on inertial and velocity sensors to obtain
    an estimate [...]


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