• I. Chaudhry, I. Elbadawi, A. Rafique, A. Boudjemline, M. Boujelbene, M. Usman, M. Aichouni
    Rev. int. métodos numér. cálc. diseño ing. (2022). Vol. 38, (2), 22

    The majority of the flowshop scheduling literature focuses on regular performance measures like makespan, flowtime etc. In this paper a flowshop scheduling problem is addressed [...]

  • I. Chaudhry, A. Ahmed
    (2014). Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

    Aircraft design is a highly nonlinear problem and inherently multidisciplinary activity that involves a large number of design variables and different models and [...]

  • A. Research, . May, I. Chaudhry
    (2014). Applied Physics Research

    An Adaptive Finite Element Analysis Integrated System supported through application of Case Based Reasoning (CBR) methodology is being proposed in this paper. The approach [...]

  • A. Khan, I. Chaudhry
    Applied Artificial Intelligence (2015). Applied Artificial Intelligence

    Knowledge representation is an essential element of a problem-solving technique through computational work. This article describes the knowledge representation scheme [...]

  • I. Chaudhry, S. Mahmood
    Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (2011).

    dentical parallel machine scheduling problem for minimizing the makespan is a very important production scheduling problem which has been proven to be NP-hard. The problem [...]

  • I. Chaudhry, A. Khan
    International Transactions in Operational Research (2016).

    In the last 25 years, extensive research has been carried out addressing the flexible job shop scheduling (JSS) problem. A variety of techniques ranging from exact methods [...]

  • I. Chaudhry, I. ELBADAWI
    Sadhana – Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences (2017).

    In recent years research on parallel machine scheduling has received an increased attention. This paper considers minimisation of total tardiness for scheduling of n jobs [...]

  • Ingeniería e Investigación (2018).

    This paper considers a no-wait flow shop scheduling (NWFS) problem, where the objective is to minimise the total flowtime. We propose a genetic algorithm (GA) that is implemented [...]

  • I. Chaudhry, M. Boujelbene, A. Boudjemline
    Materials Today: Proceedings (2021).

    Titanium (Ti) and its alloys machining has been a long standing issue in the manufacturing industry. The extraordinary Ti machining costs restrict its used in the specialised [...]



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