• M. Arandas, L. Ling
    The Russian Crisis Communication Response beyond MH17 Tragedy (2021). The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences

    Effective crisis communication response through using the proper strategies is critical to cope with crises and to protect the reputation and existence of the involved parties. [...]

  • C. Kee, M. Arandas, S. (PhD)
    Newspaper advertising for public relations practitioners during the Malaya era 1957-1963 (2020). Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal

    The very first recruitment for a public relations practitioner in Malaysia was encountered in 1948 and was advertised by the federal government of the British Colony in Malaya. [...]

  • M. Arandas, L. Ling
    Indonesian Crisis Communication Response after Deliberate Forest Fires and Transboundary Haze (2020). Jurnal Komunikasi: Malaysian Journal of Communication

    The issue of deliberate forest fires that set illegally in Indonesia by plantation companies in their slash and-burn forests to clear lands for lucrative palm oil plantations [...]

  • C. (IPPTAR), M. Arandas
    International Conference on Media and Communication (MENTION 2019)

    This study discusses credibility of both the traditional and social media from the audience perspective. Numerous definitions and conceptualisations of media credibility are [...]

  • Framing the First Palestinian General Elections by Malaysia’s New Straits Times (2019). Jurnal Komunikasi: Malaysian Journal of Communication

    The main focus of this study is the coverage of New Straits Times (NST) of the first Palestinian General Elections for two presidential candidates namely, Yasser Arafat and [...]

  • M. Arandas, L. Ling, S. Sannusi
    Exploring the Needs and Expectations of International Students towards The National University of Malaysia (UKM) (2019).

    This study demonstrates main reasons for choosing The National University of Malaysia (UKM) by international students and their needs and expectations toward the University. [...]

  • M. Arandas, C. Kee, E. Mohamad, S. IDID
    Framing the Reaction of President Abbas on the Issue of Moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (2018).

    The study has examined the similarities and differences in the coverage of two Palestinian news agencies Ma’an and Palestinian Information Center (PIC) on the reactions [...]

  • S. (PhD), M. Arandas, C. (PhD)

    This is a study on the growth of public relations in Malaysia based on the advertisements placed in the newspapers during the colonial period. Tracing the historical development [...]

  • S. IDID, M. Arandas
    Professional Values, Ethics, and Professionalism of Public Relations Practitioners (2016).

    This study explores the influence of education, length of service, professionalism, and ethics on the professional values of public relations practitioners in Malaysia. A [...]


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