• (2021). Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

    Book on the application of Machine Learning in Friction Stir Welding process. Available on Amazon.

  • Applied Engineering Letters (2020). http://doi.fil.bg.ac.rs/volume.php?lang=en&pt=journals&issue=aeletters-2020-5-3&i=3

    Data analysis is divided into two categories i.e. classification and prediction. These two categories can be used for extraction of models from the dataset and further determine [...]

  • Advances in Mechanics (2021). http://advancesinmech.com/index.php/am/article/view/110/100

    Image processing algorithms are finding various applications in manufacturing and materials industries such as identification of cracks in the fabricated samples, calculating [...]

  • Welding Technology Review (2021). Welding Technology Review 93 (1), 27-33, 2021

    The composition of High Entropy Alloys is quite different from the existing classical engineering alloys because in near equiatomic ratios they contain multiple principal [...]

  • (2020). Welding Technology Review 92 (6), 7-16, 2020

    In modern computational science, the interplay existing between machine learning and optimization process marks the most vital developments. Optimization plays an important [...]



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