• O. Luz
    Athenea journal (2020). http://athenea.autanabooks.com/index.php/revista/article/view/1

    This work presents trends and comparisons that show a change in the consumption and production of video games in times of confinement due to the health emergency. The video [...]

  • F. Omar
    Athenea journal (2020). http://athenea.autanabooks.com/index.php/revista/article/view/4

    This document explains the criteria, considerations and formulations used for the design of the main components of a mobile platform with a robotic arm. This type of robot [...]

  • D. Oscar
    Athenea journal (2020). http://athenea.autanabooks.com/index.php/revista/article/view/5

    This technical note summarizes a technical comparison of common testing procedures, as well as reviewed of the UN Test N` 5, for the assessment of the self-heating properties [...]

  • N. Cesar
    Athenea journal (2020). thenea.autanabooks.com/index.php/revista/article/view/9

    Second order systems are those that respond to a second order differential equation. The study of a second order system is proposed, given by an RC electric circuit. The transfer [...]

  • V. Oscar
    Athenea journal (2020). http://athenea.autanabooks.com/index.php/revista/article/view/3

    In this work, the design of a robotic hand with 7 degrees of freedom is presented that allows greater flexibility, achieving the usual actions performed by a normal hand. [...]

  • S. Marcelo
    Athenea journal (2020). http://athenea.autanabooks.com/index.php/revista/article/view/10

    This research work will address business issues and related to social responsibility. Likewise, a comparison will be made between continents to know the different aspects [...]

  • B. Carlos
    Athenea journal (2021). http://athenea.autanabooks.com/index.php/revista/article/view/8

    The analysis of a research work developed in the company C.V.G CARBONORCA of Venezuela is presented, which has two gas purification plants for the cooking area, designed to [...]

  • Athenea journal (2020). http://athenea.autanabooks.com/index.php/revista/article/view/7

    This article presents the Analysis of Partial Discharges using Neural Techniques. Rotating machines used in industry tend to have insulation failures caused by lack of maintenance [...]

  • D. Oscar
    Athenea journal (2021). http://athenea.autanabooks.com/index.php/revista/article/view/6

    The purpose of this work is to study the relation and the effect of nitrogen in the reducing gas mixture used in the isothermal reducibility testing of the iron oxide by planning [...]

  • J. Camila
    Athenea journal (2020). http://athenea.autanabooks.com/index.php/revista/article/view/11

    This essay aims to emphasize the alternatives that are being taken globally to reduce the environmental impact of human activity. Key points and concepts will be developed [...]



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