Volume 13, 2019

  • J. Tramullas
    Anuario ThinkEPI (2019). Vol. 13, 12

    Lightweight markup languages have been consolidated as the lingua franca for the preparation of technical documents. Their foundations and history are revised, as well as [...]

  • J. Gallo-León
    Anuario ThinkEPI (2019). Vol. 13, 14

    The model of libraries as agora or third place is both criticised and reaffirmed. This work is inspired by an article published in Le Monde Diplomatique where this model is [...]

  • X. Agenjo-Bullón, F. Hernández-Carrascal
    Anuario ThinkEPI (2019). Vol. 13, 10

    This note describes the metadata aggregation process carried out by the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation through the Sparql Endpoint of the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library. [...]

  • M. Pérez-Montoro
    Anuario ThinkEPI (2019). Vol. 13, 8

    2018 has been an important year for the information visualization discipline. This work reviews some of the innovative visualizations developed throughout 2018, organizing [...]

  • A. López-Borrull, S. Sanz-Martos
    Anuario ThinkEPI (2019). Vol. 13, 2

    The phenomenon of fake news is generating multiple approaches to solve the legal, technological and information and communication issues. One of the approaches would be the [...]

  • D. Martínez-Ávila
    Anuario ThinkEPI (2019). Vol. 13, 4

    This paper reviews the Brazilian national system of journal evaluation Qualis Periódicos. It reviews some of the fundamentals of journal evaluation based on citation analysis [...]

  • X. Agenjo-Bullón, F. Hernández-Carrascal
    Anuario ThinkEPI (2019). Vol. 13, 6

    On November 20, 2018, it was ten years since Europeana was born. This note summarizes the impact of Europeana and the Spanish contribution to Europeana. Europeana Data Model [...]


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