Plenary Lectures

Advances in Particle-Scale Perspectives in Multiphysics Particle Systems

Advances of Particle Shape and Scale in DEM Enabled by GPU/HPC Computing

Computational Modeling of Manufacturing Processes Using Particle and Meshless Methods

Coupled Approaches Between Particle and Continuum Methods for Solids Mechanics and Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems

Discrete and Particle Methods in Solid and Structural Mechanics

Fracture and Fragmentation With DEM

Fundamentals of DEM and CFD-DEM: Recent Advanced and Challenges

Granular Plasticity

Micro-Macro Methods for States and Transitions: from Particles to Continuum

MPM Modelling of Soil-Water Structure Interaction Problems in Geomechanics

Multiphysics and Coupled Modelling with Particle Methods

Numerical Modelling of Impacts of/on Granular Media

Particle Methods for Large Deformation Problems in Geomechanics

Particle-Based Methods for Natural Hazards Simulation

Particle-Based Methods in Mining and Mineral Processing

Processing Particulate Material in an Industrial Environment

The Material Point Method – Recent Advances


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