Plenary Lectures

Algorithms for Solving Multidisciplinary Problems in Marine Engineering and Marine Engineering Applications

Computational Environmental Mechanics in Marine Problems

Design and Optimization

Experimental methods for validation

Fluid-Structure Interaction

Cavitating Flows

Artificial Intelligence Applied in Marine Engineering

Near Wall Turbulence on Ship Hulls

Novel Computational Marine Hydrodynamic Methods for Complicated and Violent Flows

Artificial Learning for Marine Engineering: Methods and Applications

Scientific Machine Learning and Reduced Order Modeling In Naval Engineering

Planing Hull Hydrodynamics

Simulation-driven Design Optimization in Marine Engineering

High-fidelity Simulations in Marine Engineering Problems

Development of Numerical and Experimental Techniques for the Engineering, Production And Life-cycle Management of Improved Fibre-based Material Solutions of Large Offshore Energy Platforms IS

Biomimetics in Marine Technology

Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Novel Aquaculture Facilities in Open Sea

Numerical Modeling of Flexible Structures In Offshore Environment

Physics and Simulation of Hydrofoils

Numerical models and Experimental Analysis of floating offshore wind energy systems

Fibre Composite Manufacturing Technologies for the Automation and Modular Construction in Shipyards

Low-Carbon Shipping

Marine Renewable Energy

Numerical Methods in CFD (including for instance, FiniteElement, Finite Difference, Finite Volume Particle-based methods, High-Order Methods, HPC, Uncertainty quantification,etc)

Offshore Engineering

Ship Hydrodynamics (including shallow water, maneuverability, slamming, sloshing, green water, cavitation, propulsion, seakeeping)


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