CT01 - Continuum Damage Mechanics I

CT01 - Continuum Damage Mechanics II

CT02 - Delamination I

CT02 - Delamination II

CT04 - Fatigue

CT05 - Fracture Mechanics I

CT05 - Fracture Mechanics II

CT08 - Micro-Mechanics I

CT08 - Micro-Mechanics II

CT08 - Micro-Mechanics III

CT09 - Model Identification

CT10 - Multi-Scale Modelling I

CT10 - Multi-Scale Modelling II

CT10 - Multi-Scale Modelling III

CT10 - Multi-Scale Modelling IV

CT11 - Multi-Functional Materials

CT13 - Optimisation

CT14 - Laminated and Textile Composites

CT16 - Progressive Failure Analysis

CT19 - Structural Health Monitoring

CT20 - Virtual Testing I

CT20 - Virtual Testing II


Keynote Session II

Keynote Session III

Keynote Session IV

Keynote Session V

Keynote Session VI

Keynote Session in memory of Cláudio Lopes

Numerical Methods I

Numerical Methods II



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Materials Science, Composites