CT01 - Advanced Material Models

  • D. Jindra, Z. Kala, J. Kala

    Paper presents a Comparison of Ramberg-Osgood and Bilinear Stress-Strain Material Relation of Duplex Stainless Steel CHS Columns in Compression Utilizing Two Different Implicit [...]

  • N. Baghous, I. Barsoum, R. Al-Rub

    Due to the advancements in additive manufacturing and increased applications of additive manufactured structures, it is essential to fully understand both the elastic and [...]

  • A. Shutov, V. Klyuchancev

    We develop the integral approach for the analysis of nonlocal ductile damage in metals. The starting point is the previously proposed phenomenological model of finite strain [...]

  • B. Saade, A. Gavrus, J. Bodgi, N. Bejjani

    In a classical way the Cauchy stress tensor is expressed in function of instantaneous internal variables as the strain, the strain rate and the temperature. If good predictions [...]

  • V. Laheri, P. Hao, F. Gilabert

    Paraboloidal plastic yield criterion appropriately conveys the nonlinear elastoplastic behaviour of the polymers. The elastoplastic stress and strain relationship for the [...]

  • G. Vallero, M. Barbero, F. Barpi, M. Borri-Brunetto, V. Biagi

    In this work, the Authors describe some of the still open and unsolved questions related to the constitutive modeling of snow with reference to Elasto-Plastic approaches. [...]

  • P. Hao, V. Laheri, F. Gilabert

    Thermoplastic polymers nowadays are drawing attention in the automotive industrial thanks to their low cost, lightweight, and sustainability. They can be simply reshaped through [...]

CT04 - Biomechanics

CT07 - Computational Material Design

CT09 - Damage, Fracture and Fatigue

CT12 - FEM and Particle-Based Methods/Discrete Element Methods

CT13 - Forming Processes

CT14 - Geomechanics

CT17 - Industrial Applications

CT21 - Multi-Fracturing Solids

CT22 - Multi-Physics Problems

CT23 - Multi-Scale Material Models

IS01 - Advanced computational modelling of wood, wood-based products, and timber structures

IS02 - Applications of Computational Methods to Product and Process Design for Industry

IS04 - Computational Modeling of Material Forming Processes

IS05 - Computational Structural Stability

IS06 - Continuum Damage and Cyclic Plasticity in Fatigue Life Estimate

IS07 - Cyclic Plasticity for Metals

IS08 - Cyclic Plasticity for Soils

IS10 - Damage Modeling of Concrete Structures Under Extreme Loading Conditions

IS16 - Multi-Scale and Computational Scale Bridging

IS17 - Multiscale Modelling of Concrete and Concrete Structures

IS20 - Nonlinearities and Irreversible Processes in Solids: Computational Multi-Scale and Multi-Field Approaches

IS21 - Plastic Instability and Fracture in Ductile Materials

IS22 - Plasticity Modelling, Parameter Identification and Applications to Forming Operations

Plenary Session I

Plenary Session II

Plenary Session III

Plenary Session IV

Plenary Session V


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