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Dr Brea currently is a Full Professor of both the School of Electrical Engineering at the Central University of Venezuela, and the School of Industrial Engineering at the Andrés Bello Catholic University. He received his PhD from the Department of Mathematics of the University of Southampton, a MSc in Operational Research and a five-year BSc degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the Faculty of Engineering of the Central University of Venezuela. His research interests include Monte Carlo simulation, development of simulation models of discrete event dynamic systems, optimization algorithm design and optimization by simulation. Among his most important academic administrative positions at the Central University of Venezuela, Dr Brea currently is the Coordinator of Engineering Science Doctoral Program of the Central University of Venezuela, and also a member of the Academic Committee of the Postgraduate Program in Electrical Engineering; former Director of the School of Electrical Engineering; former Head of the Department of Electronic, Computing and Control; and also former Council Secretary of the School of Electrical Engineering. He has been awarded three times for his contributions to the Central University of Venezuela with: the Plaque of Honor, the Medal of Honor and the Tie of Honor “Dr José María Vargas”, among others awards.


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