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Walter F. Silva-Araya has a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with concentration in Hydraulic Engineering from Washington State University. He also earned a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with concentration in Water Resources from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus (UPRM) and a BS degree in the Civil Engineering from the University of Costa Rica.  He is Associate Director of  the Puerto Rico Water Resources Research Institute (PRWRRI). Was Director of the R&D Center, Chairman of  the Department of Engineering Science and Materials, Director of the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory of the UPRM and Associate Co-Director of the Center for Hemispherical Cooperation (CoHemis).

Dr. Silva-Araya consulting experience in Puerto Rico includes work in hydrologic/hydraulic studies, hydrodynamics, sediment transport, overland erosion and local scour in bridges.  Dr Silva’s expertise includes mathematical modeling of hydraulic systems, hydraulic transients and unsteady open channel flows. He does consulting works in water resources, hydraulics and hydrodynamics for private firms and government agencies.  He also served as expert witness in several ocassions.

Doctor Silva-Araya is working on funded research.  His major research interest is in erosion and sedimentation, vegetative waterways, unsteady closed and open channel flow, rehabilitation of hydraulic structures, enviromental hydraulics and numerical modeling of hydraulic systems. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in fluid mechanics, water resources and advanced hydraulic engineering. Dr. Silva-Araya serves as reviewer for the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE and is member of CIAPR, and IAHR.

  Dr. Silva-Araya has trained professional engineers and technitians during the last 20 years in local and international events, offering short-courses, seminars and workshops in hydraulic modeling and design, design of stormwater systems, erosion and sedimentation control measures. He publishes in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.


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