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PhD in Chemistry in the University of the Basque Country (2012), Master in Applied Chemistry and Polymeric Materials (2011) and Graduate in Chemical Sciences from the University of the Basque Country (1999). He works in the Plastics and Composites Group of Tecnalia (Div. Industry and Transport) since January 2000. Her experience focuses on the manufacturing technologies of both thermoplastic and thermoset materials and composite materials. She is expert in processes such as RTM, Infusion, Casting, autoclave molding and manual molding and especially has extensive knowledge in all processes related to liquid molding techniques either thermostable or thermoplastic. He has experience and Knowledge in the recycling processes of composite and plastic materials and sustainable processes. He has participated in different projects, both European and national, acquiring experience in knowledge of materials, technologies and applications of plastic materials and composites from sectors such as automotive, naval, space or wind, among others.


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