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Mr. Bonvehí is a senior Professional Engineer with over 30 years of professional experience. He has been active in the energy and building sectors acquiring network capability, responsiveness to deliver and entrepreneurial skills.

His experience includes research, innovation & development, project & construction management of industrial & building projects. He is familiar with procedures of certification, auditing, assessment, peer review and regulations.

He has been working in international environments for research centres, utilities, private enterprises and institutions. Several projects have been carried out within the frame of the European Commission programs: Joule, Thermie, Remma, Sunh and Green Cities and OECD: Dragon Project.

In the energy field he has worked in nuclear power, cogeneration and renewable energy. He has also been involved in several sustainable building developments as well as conventional ones.

In his professional career he has worked in Spain, France and UK.

Mr Bonvehí has been awarded the 2001 International Prize to Creativity and 2009 Best Entrepreneurial Practice by the Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia. 





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