The main aim of the European Conference on Multifunctional Structures is to share among the scientific and the industrial community the recent advances made on mechanical structures with multiple functions, including their manufacturing. Recent advances in material technology have improved the additional capacities of such structures in various ways such as a way that now, their added functionalities can be as important as their mechanical performance and a way that the production rate of large light-weight integrated structures is increased through earlier integration with systems and other elements.

Multifunctional Structures conference will look into a wide range of large, light-weight integrated structures and structural systems, serving different purposes and with different manufacturing strategies: structures with embedded sensors that give them the capacity to react to an external stimulus, structures with embedded antennas, self-healing and self-monitoring structures, structures with improved fire performance, acoustic performance, or electromagnetical performance, and with different automated manufacturing and joining technologies and so on. The large amount of possibilities offered by multifunctional structures make them very valuable in all engineering fields, being of special relevance to the transport sector, in all its forms: automobiles, ships and yachts, aero-structures, etc.



ISSN 2696-6913
Abbreviated key title: Eur. Conf. Multifunct. Struct.

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