CISM, International Centre for Mechanical Sciences, is a non-profit organization, founded in 1968 to favour the exchange and application of the most advanced knowledge in the mechanical sciences, in interdisciplinary fields like robotics, biomechanics, environmental engineering and in other fields (mathematics, information and system theory, operations research, computer science, artificial intelligence).

Located in the Palazzo del Torso in the center of Udine, the Centre’s facilities include two lecture halls, seating 80 and 50 persons respectively, several smaller lecture and meeting rooms, the Centre’s library, secretariat, administrative, technical offices and a printing press.

CISM is international in both scope and structure: the Scientific Council, rectors, lecturers are selected from among the acknowledged authorities in their respective fields the world over.

The principal activity of the Centre is the organization of courses, seminars, work shops, symposia, and conferences to present the state of the art of these sciences to researchers. It also provides advanced training for engineers operating in industry.




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